We Need Your Help! Utilities Called to Participate in Jersey WaterCheck’s Survey in collaboration with Jersey Water Works Lead in Drinking Water Taskforce

Jersey WaterCheck is performing its annual data update. On September 19th, every utility featured on the dashboard received an email with the link to a short survey. The deadline for the survey response and data review is Friday, October 14.

This year’s survey is in collaboration with the Jersey Water Works (JWW) Lead in Drinking Water Taskforce. Your responses contribute to statewide metrics on Jersey WaterCheck and to the JWW Lead in Drinking Water Taskforce’s goals of supporting utilities across the state in implementing the Lead Service Line Replacement law. To see how your utility’s page looks on Jersey WaterCheck, look it up using the System Finder.

With the federal funding for water infrastructure coming in, we urge utilities to provide us with robust data, which will help us to take advantage of this critical moment in time and to make the collective case for continued investment in these vital systems.

If you are a utility member who has not received the survey and would like it resent to you, please contact Jyoti Venketraman.

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