Roadmap to a Secure and Resilient Water and Wastewater Sector: A Resource from the Environmental Protection Agency

The Climate Resilience Committee aims to support utilities and municipalities by sharing resources. The goal is for utilities to plan for climate change impacts and implement solutions that allow for continued operation during extreme weather events and reliability far into the future. Municipal and county governments employ various solutions to build resilience before, during, and after flood events to protect infrastructure, public health, and livelihoods.

In 2024, the committee is committed to sharing resources and curating information to help utilities and municipal and county decision-makers with their climate resilience work. The following resource is made available by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

Roadmap to a Secure and Resilient Water and Wastewater Sector. This resource was developed by the Water and Wastewater Sector Strategic Roadmap Work Group and published in January 2024. The roadmap identifies the joint priority activity areas needed to improve water and wastewater sector resilience.

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