Promoting the Value of Water and Water Efficiency

Resources from EPA WaterSense is a partnership program sponsored by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency that promotes the value of water efficiency and water-efficient products. As a promotional partner of WaterSense, Jersey Water Works has assembled the following WaterSense resources to promote the value of water and educate on water conservation and efficiency.

Below are links to a series of factsheets, brochures, checklists, graphics and more that can be used to communicate and encourage water conservation and efficiency strategies.


What is WaterSense? – General Information

Every Drop Counts
This fact sheet provides an introduction to the WaterSense program, describes how to get involved and how to find WaterSense products.


Address Local Water Issues

New Jersey Water Fact Sheet
This fact sheet describes New Jersey’s water supply, its growing water demands and the positive role water conservation and efficiency can play in protecting the state’s water.

When in Drought … Use Your WaterSense
These simple tips can help a community reduce water use during droughts. These tips to save water at home are worth considering even if there is no water shortage.


Engage Water Users

Brochure: Simple Steps to Save Water
This brochure provides simple and easy ways to be more water efficient. Contact the WaterSense Helpline to request printed brochures.

Checklist: Checklist for a Water-Efficient Irrigation System
This checklist covers what it takes to have a water-efficient landscape.

Bill Stuffers
Water utilities can use these customizable templates to educate customers about the importance of water efficiency. There is room to insert a logo before printing.

This 6.5′ x 2.75′ banner encourages Americans to make smart water-efficient choices regarding their water use and can be used in stores, community buildings, or at trade shows.

Social Media
These status posts for Facebook and tweets for Twitter can be used to publicize the “We’re for Water” outreach program. We’re for Water is a WaterSense national outreach theme used to educate consumers about water efficiency and water-saving behaviors.