Educational Signs on Combined Sewer Outfalls

The Jersey Water Works Community Engagement Committee has developed graphics for signage that can be used by combined sewer system cities and towns, organizations, and individuals to educate the general public on combined sewer overflows. These images have been approved by the NJDEP for permit holders to use to help fulfill their NJ CSO permit public participation requirement.

A full installation includes three images: a warning, explanation, both full and simplified, and contact information. The images can be used together on one sign or in a variety of combinations. For example, the full installation can be used at a riverfront park with an outfall, a fishing pier or at a boat/kayak/watercraft launch.  The explanation and informational modules could be posted in areas that do not have an outfall but they are impacted by nearby outfall like a park in a sewershed.

Download the images here to make an education NJ CSO sign for your community:

  • Warning images shows how many days to wait before contact with the water after it rains or snows and an example of an outfall. Download here (.pdf) (.jpg)
  • Full explanation images show dry and wet weather examples of a combined sewer system, a combined sewer system with improvements, and the types of improvements that can be made by cities and individuals. Download here (.pdf) (.jpg)
  • Simplified explanation image shows what happens to a combined sewer system with improvements and the types of improvements that can be made by cities and individuals. Download here (.pdf) (.jpg)
  • Informational image shows where you can learn more. Download here (.pdf) (.jpg)

These educational signs complement the warning signs at each CSO outfall that combined sewer system communities have installed to comply with permit requirements. Continuing to educate the affected public on CSOs is also part of permit holders’ obligations. Leaflets, flyers or signs with general information at areas near a CSO, like beaches, fishing piers, and parks and other places within 100 feet of an outfall, can be used to inform the public on what CSOs are, precautions that should be taken, and where are and where information can be found.