Educational Resources For Inside and Outside of School (Updated for World Water Day 2024)

Group of kids in preschool.

How do we cultivate the next generation of water stewards? By introducing them to water and climate topics from kindergarten through twelfth grade.  Here is a short list of resources for educators to integrate these important topics into their curriculum. 

This list was compiled by the Jersey Water Works Water Workforce Task Force to foster a robust and thriving future for the water industry.

Climate Change Education

In 2020, New Jersey was the first state in the nation to incorporate K-12 climate change education across content areas. New Jersey specific climate change lessons by age and subject created by SubjectToClimate, DEP’s environmental education partner. 

EFC: Educators Resource Hub

This resource is for teachers, school counselors, utility staff, and anyone who wants to teach young people (K-12+) about drinking water, wastewater, and water reclamation and all of the unique and amazing jobs in the water field.

Project WET (Water Education Today)

Advancing water education to understand global challenges and inspire local solutions. 

SEEDS, (State Environmental Education Director Site) 

This site is from the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection. The website provides environmental education information and resources for teachers and for those interested in learning more about the natural environment. 


STEAMpark is a NJ-based 501(c)(3) educational charity that works to build better futures for children, lifting up those who need it the most.

Sustainable Jersey for Schools

Sustainable Jersey for Schools certification is a free, voluntary, and prestigious designation to help schools and districts pursue a balanced sustainability program one policy, program, or resource audit at a time.

The Alliance for New Jersey Environmental Education (ANJEE)

 A professional organization, established in 1985, that provides a networking forum for New Jersey’s environmental educators. 


WaterWorks is a collaborative research initiative from Rowan University’s engineering departments, supported by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. It aims to raise awareness of wastewater treatment employment opportunities through K-12 educational programs, focusing on topics such as water utility work, water infrastructure, and wastewater treatment. 


A nonprofit media outlet exploring solutions for sustainability and equity in water. 

The Wetlands Institute

The Wetlands Institute hosts 11,000 students annually for hands-on environmental education, including field trips. Programs are aligned with NJ Academic Standards and tailored to visiting schools. Topics include Marsh Critters, Cycles of Life, Beach Exploration, and more. 

The Watershed Institute Environmental Education

The Watershed Institute’s Environmental Education program hosts 300+ events each year for over 10,000 individuals including children, teens, and adults. Their programs promote environmental literacy, awareness, and stewardship.