Advancing One Water Through Arts and Culture: A Blueprint for Action

The report “Advancing One Water Through Arts and Culture” aims to help water leaders envision the various ways that arts and culture can advance One Water goals, and how they can most effectively partner with artists and cultural leaders. It catalogues more than 30 real-world examples of effective projects and artistic collaborations, complete with in-depth case studies.

The blueprint presents a framework that can demonstrate the myriad ways in which arts and culture strategies can be effective, focused on seven strategies for how arts and culture can:

  1. Help people understand and connect to water
  2. Inform water resource planning with new perspectives
  3. Engage communities in participatory processes
  4. Build bridges across different sectors and stakeholder groups
  5. Mitigate the disruptive effect of construction projects
  6. Integrate water infrastructure into the fabric of a community
  7. Support community activism